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The NPC votes ‘rhinos’ as newsmaker of the year = SA journos: “dafuq?!”

Since the National Press Club doesn’t seem keen or quick enough to put this on their own website, I’ll put it on mine. Thanks to @Abramjee for emailing it to me.

This is an insult to all those killed, injured and still deeply affected by Marikana, including those journalists that covered that story. I’ve said this on other platforms, and I’ll say it again: the NPC in no way represents me as a member of the South African press.

(Check out my Storify wrap-up of some of the responses after the release.)






EMBARGO Friday, 18 January 2013 @18:00

The South African rhino has been named the National Press Club-Aon South Africa Newsmaker of the Year for 2012.

National Press Club Chairperson, Antoinette Slabbert says rhino poaching has been in the news consistently the entire year and has evoked strong emotions.

“In many respects history was made last year – a record number of 668 rhinos were poached, a harsh sentence of 40 years for a kingpin in the poaching industry was handed down and an international accord to try and stop poaching was signed, to name but a few.

“The onslaught on these African giants has not only resulted in much debate in the country and elsewhere in the world, but has also united people to rally behind campaigns against the bleeding of our heritage.  It is critical for governments, corporates, individuals and the media to stand up and take action to stop the killing of our rhinos,” says Slabbert.

Aon South Africa Chief Executive Officer Anton Roux says the award recognises the efforts of ordinary people, the courts, government, SANParks and other conservation bodies and law enforcement agencies to stop rhino poaching.

“While the rhino has dominated headlines for all the wrong reasons, the media has played a fundamental role in informing not only South Africans, but the world, about the massive tragedy that is unfolding in our country.  The media coverage has been pivotal in being able to galvanise the breadth of South African society in the fight to save one of our big five icons.  South Africa’s rhino heritage is a precious privilege that can never be forfeited.

“Aon South Africa is proud to be associated with the fight against rhino poaching with our own insurance programmes.  The fact that the rhino is now our newsmaker of the year further demonstrates just how urgent this fight is.  South Africa’s media is a fundamental driver of awareness and action and we fully support this continued focus in the hope that we will turn the corner very soon on the criminal, cruel and immoral practice of rhino poaching.

“Aon South Africa is proud to be associated with such an award that recognises issues that capture public sentiment and fuel open, democratic debate.”

Slabbert says the award is made on the grounds of impact, news value and media attention in electronic, print, online and social media.

The club is synonymous with the Newsmaker of the Year award. Over the years the club has recognised and awarded many newsmakers. Previous recipients include President Jacob Zuma, former presidents FW de Klerk, Nelson Mandela and Thabo Mbeki.  Other newsmakers include Hollywood star Charlize Theron, Zachie Achmat and the Treatment Action Campaign, the late Hansie Cronjé and various other sporting personalities, DA Leader Helen Zille, ESKOM and Cope and FIFA’s Sepp Blatter and Danny Jordaan also received the award in recent years.  Last year the newsmakers were Public Protector Thuli Madonsela and Julius Malema.

The awards function will be hosted in Pretoria soon.  The winner of the National Press Club-North-West University Journalist of the Year competition will also be announced at the function.  The Proudly South African media award will again be made this year in conjunction with the National Press Club and Aon. The award will be made to a journalist, media organisation or media initiative which promotes national unity and pride, patriotism and/or supporting local business.


Released by:

National Press Club secretariat

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Antoinette Slabbert

National Press Club chairperson

Tel 082 320 2153

Friday, 18 January 2013

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