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Child rape confession for Queenstown – TRANSLATION

Translation: Admin please hide my identity. This matter is quite terrible. I am a young man living in Qoqodala. I have been sleeping with my sister’s child who is eight-years-old. My niece has always adored me. It seems she has gotten used to my having sex with her, she does not even cry anymore, but I am now starting to feel guilty about what I have been doing. Sometimes she’ll tell me that she hurts but never tells her mother. I give her sweets sometimes so that she keeps the secret.


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  1. Shocking, but frankly, not surprising. The decay of moral fiber in our malingered SA is distressing to behold. If this rate of decay is allowed to continue unabated, I shudder at the vision of a future South Africa. From tender-fraud to rape, we have become a nation of miscreants and I am embarrassed to be called a South African. We are perverted, as is evident in the demand and approval of porn channels on Top TV – perversion is the disease, pornography is the symptom. In fact, the Malema-isms tell me that as a “umlungu” I am unwelcome in my own country – well, perhaps I do feel like an outsider, not because of my heritage, but because of my brotherhood…