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Why I didn’t report #35 – ‘Who would I tell? My parents?’

I was 15 when I had my first boyfriend. I have extremely strict parents. And dating at that age is unheard of in our family. Because I didn’t want to risk being seen standing with a boy, I agreed to go over to his place. I insisted we stay outside, by the pool, thinking I’d be safe there. I was a virgin, and the thought of being alone with a guy scared me. We were lying next to the pool. We kissed. He started touching me, I said no, he asked if I didn’t love him, I said I did, he continued touching me. I can’t remember how exactly it happened because for the longest time I forced myself to forget, convinced myself that it didn’t happen. I remember him being on me. I remember trying to push him off, him telling me to just relax, it’s not a big deal. I remember saying no again. And then I remember the pain. The physical pain of breaking my virginity, and the emotional pain of him not stopping even after I told him to. Once he had penetrated me I stopped fighting, and just waited for it to end. He came in me. He didn’t even use a condom. I was scared, confused. He pulled up his pants, and casually asked if he should walk me home because his parents would be back soon. I declined, and quickly left, leaving a stain of blood there. Why didn’t I report it? I was scared. Who would I tell? My parents? Then I’d have to explain why I had a boyfriend, furthermore why I went to his place. I got home and decided to forget about it, to act like it never happened. And for the longest time it worked. The first time I remembered it again was this year at the Silent Protest. In my solidarity shirt, in the crowd. I still wouldn’t report it now. It’s been 5 years



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