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Teacher convicted of sexual offence on minor remains in classroom

Found guilty of sexual assault on daughter but teaching school kids.


A teacher, who was convicted of sexually abusing his then 15-year-old daughter last year, is back teaching children at an Eastern Cape school.

This has infuriated parents who want the man to be dismissed from the school.

In court papers, which the Daily Dispatch has seen, the teacher was sentenced to three years, which was suspended for five years for the offence. He was also placed under correctional supervision. His name has been withheld to protect the identity of his daughter.

The Cathcart Residents’ Association (CRA) has joined the clamour to have the teacher removed immediately from Fundani High School.

CRA secretary Shadrack Tshaka said the teacher was in the dock for molesting his daughter. According to Tshaka, the CRA was urged to move on the matter after allegations from several parents the same teacher has in the past year made sexual advances on their children.

“The parents of these children have said that this teacher is sexually harassing them and trying to sleep with them. They have reported the matter to the principal but he hasn’t acted on it at all. Even the school governing body [SGB] hasn’t acted,” said Tshaka

When complaints first surfaced a few months ago, and the Dispatch approached the teacher, he denied the claims, accusing the association of having a vendetta against him. The Dispatch yesterday again attempted to contact the teacher, but was unsuccessful.

In a letter to the school principal, which the Dispatch has seen, Tshaka writes: “I and other parents feel that you, dear sir, as a principal of Fundani High School and your staff deliberately despise and insult the integrity of the community you serve and should be loyal to, as the matter in question has been known, recorded and made available for public consumption since October 2012. You preferred to compromise the safety of our children and gave fraternal asylum to a criminal.”

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