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SPEECH: Silent Protest 2013 de-briefing

This is speech cobbled together from inspirational bloggers, feminists and thinkers I have read over the years. For many of them I have lost their references, but their words still ring in my heart. Thank you to them.

What is ‘rape’? It’s not as simple as you think. *TW*

I have had a couple of requests to define what rape is, so I wrote this up. This definition is as described by the Sexual Offences Act (SOA), including some of my own hypothetical examples. [TRIGGER WARNING for descriptions of rape.]

But what can we do?

Again we have outrage at the rape and brutal murder of another South African girl. And while I’m tired of meaningless outrage, I understand many people just don’t know what they can do to help fight rape. Here are 10 suggestions for how you can fight back.

Government spokesperson says what now?

Following the outrage over the gang rape and brutal murder of a 17-year old girl, government spokesperson Lionel Adendorf tells women to “take your rape cap off, put your loving cap on”.

My first story published in a book

Received my copy of My First Time in the mail this week – I have my first story published in this book. This story changed my life. It was after this story was published that I began to fight back. I read this story now, and cried hard. I cried grateful tears for how far… Read More ›

Silent Protest 2012 in City Press

The City Press reports on the 2012 Silent Protest, for which I was media liaison. Check out an interview with me about why we protest.

1in9 campaign statement on Joburg Pride

On Saturday the 6th October, at Joburg Gay Parade, about 20 black lesbians and gender non-conforming feminists from the One in Nine Campaign were assaulted and intimidated by Joburg Pride organising committee members and their marshals. The Campaign disrupted the parade to demand one minute of silence to remember those members of the LGBT community who have been murdered because of their sexual orientation and gender expression.

The rights of rape survivors: access to free PEP

The 2007 Sexual Offences Act (SOA) requires that certain services be made available to rape survivors. Among these services, survivors of oral, anal and vaginal rape are entitled to receive post-exposure prophylaxis (PEP), a 28-day course of antiretrovirals for the prevention of HIV infection. This must be provided to survivors – at state expense – when they… Read More ›

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In a May 27 op-ed Natasha Joseph, news editor for the City Press, referred to my reports on a Grahamstown child rape case. The case is one I have been working on in Grahamstown, and the Gender Action Project has mobilised around the family and children in recent months.

Silence is broken

I am an anti-rape activist. I was part of the first 1in9 protest at Rhodes University in 2007; a protest held annually at the university, its name originating from the statistic: “One in nine rape survivors report their rape”. The eight rape silent survivors don’t report their rape for fear of social stigma and an… Read More ›