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STATEMENT: Concerned alumni speak out about exclusions at Rhodes University after #RUreferencelist protests

December 21, 2017

As alumni of the University Still Known as Rhodes (USKAR), we express our concern and dismay at the university’s recent decision to permanently expel two students. It is not merely the expulsion but the severity of this action that alarms us – namely, that the students stand to lose the credits they have earned while at the university, and will be denied the opportunity to complete their degrees.

Joburg’s new ‘lady of the Orient’ Saigon Suzy is just as racist and sexist as #Misohawni

A couple of white bro former night club owners caused quite the stir on social media this week when it was revealed that their Asian mishmash restaurant in Melville was billed with the classy name: Misohawni. Or phonetically: “me so horny”.

Why I didn’t report my rape #41 – I didn’t want to be “used goods”

“Get over it” were the first words that came out of my mother’s mouth. This was followed by a few grunts from my aunt, who said: “First you shame us with this behaviour and now you expect us to endorse you going to the cops to shame the entire family?” This morning I realized that… Read More ›

DNA evidence is circumstantial – Supreme Court of Appeal

I was just alerted to this. I have no words. Analysis of judgement to come. Does this make the DNA bill meaningless? Criminal: DNA evidence not enough to convict r ape accused – SCA The evidence regarding the outcome of tests carried out via the most common DNA testing method used in SA has been… Read More ›

DLF backs Vavi – seriously?

The DLF just emailed out this statement and, having had only a quick read through it, I find it immensely worrying that the organisation would still consider Vavi any kind of leader after his behaviour. He abused his power to hire a woman, possibly only with the intention of having sexual relations with her. This… Read More ›


Thanks to @vauldicarelse on twitter for the email. THE STATE WITHDRAWS CHARGES AGAINST JONATHAN DAVIDS (Anene Boysen’s case) The State has withdrawn charges against Jonathan Davids after a thorough investigative process. Davids was arrested after he was implicated in the rape and murder of Anene Booysen. The investigation revealed that there was insufficient evidence to… Read More ›

Rhodes academics can’t show solidarity with Silent Protest, need their own special march

See below the latest move from Rhodes University. Apparently most Rhodes academics are too special to show solidarity at the country’s biggest anti-rape protest and Rhodes rape survivors – they need their own special march where they can wear their “academic regalia” in solidarity. Yes, because seeing you prance around in your bat capes when… Read More ›

Daily Dispatch distances itself from the National Press Club

In an editorial the Daily Dispatch has publicly distanced itself from the South African National Press Club and its decision to award the rhino the newsmaker of the year award for 2012. The decision was made over the Nkandlagate scandal, the Limpopo textbook saga and the Marikana tragedy.

Silent Protest 2012 in City Press

The City Press reports on the 2012 Silent Protest, for which I was media liaison. Check out an interview with me about why we protest.

1in9 campaign statement on Joburg Pride

On Saturday the 6th October, at Joburg Gay Parade, about 20 black lesbians and gender non-conforming feminists from the One in Nine Campaign were assaulted and intimidated by Joburg Pride organising committee members and their marshals. The Campaign disrupted the parade to demand one minute of silence to remember those members of the LGBT community who have been murdered because of their sexual orientation and gender expression.

“Personally, I don’t find the rape metaphor apt, ever.”

Someone sent me this in two emails today. He is a dear friend, and my mentor. He explains why he feels Zapiro should not use the rape metaphor better than I could.

Additional resources for my Avusa story

I have here uploaded additional research documents that I have found in the course of researching my Avusa story that may be interest to some: Promotion of Access to Information Act, 2000 Avusa Media Pledge

Support Public Broadcasting (in the Eastern Cape) – Agenda

Here is agenda for the aforementioned panel discussion that I will be live tweeting from later tonight – “What kind of broadcaster does the Eastern Cape need?” Director of Media Monitoring Africa, William Bird (@billbobbird), will be speaking, as well as various political representatives. Additionally, the spokesperson for the Grahamstown Unemployed People’s Movement (UPM), Xola… Read More ›

World Press Freedom Day – at Rhodes University

Today is World Press Freedom day, and in honour of that occasion my department of journalism and media studies at Rhodes University has organised two key events: the first is a meeting with the Support Public Broadcasting Coalition to discuss the possibility of an Eastern Cape branch; the second is a panel discussion about the… Read More ›

Baby dies – family alleges hospital negligence

THE death of a baby boy is to be investigated after a Buffalo Flats family alleged negligence by staff at an East London clinic. An inquest docket was opened at Buffalo Flats police station after the death of a newborn child – Junior Solomon – at Empilweni Day Clinic in Gompo last Friday. Police spokesperson… Read More ›