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Why I didn’t report my rape #16

Sitting at school, they started talking about child abuse and I was 15 when I realised it had happened to me, I think. What good is reporting about something that happened when I was 6?

Why I didn’t report my rape #3

I knew I would be judged, I knew I would be blamed, I knew I would be ridiculed and called a liar and I never would have spoken out had it not been for my suicide attempt.

SPEECH: Silent Protest 2013 de-briefing

This is speech cobbled together from inspirational bloggers, feminists and thinkers I have read over the years. For many of them I have lost their references, but their words still ring in my heart. Thank you to them.

Silent Protest 2012 in City Press

The City Press reports on the 2012 Silent Protest, for which I was media liaison. Check out an interview with me about why we protest.

Statement: Silent Protest

There are different reports for the numbers of rape survivors who don’t report their rape for fear of reprisal. Some say 1 in 4, 1 in 9, 1 in 20. The statistic most frequently used by the South African Police Services to calculate the number of survivors who report their assault (in relation to those that don’t) is 1 in 35.