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South Africa’s worst serial killer in 15 years testifies

THE Eastern Cape man who pleaded guilty this week to murdering 20 people said he was sorry.

On Tuesday Bulelani Mabhayi, 39, plead guilty to all 36 charges levelled against him, which include rape and murder.

If convicted, Mabhayi will be the worst serial killer South Africa has seen in over 15 years.

How I murdered 20 villagers – EC serial killer pleads guilty

GUILTY. This word was repeated 36 times by South Africa’s worst serial killer in 15 years as he admitted to murdering 20 women and children.

Villagers to relive serial killer terror

AN EASTERN Cape community devastated by a spate of killings will have to relive the trauma from today as a man suspected of being one of the worst serial killers in South African history goes on trial.