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DLF backs Vavi – seriously?

The DLF just emailed out this statement and, having had only a quick read through it, I find it immensely worrying that the organisation would still consider Vavi any kind of leader after his behaviour. He abused his power to hire a woman, possibly only with the intention of having sexual relations with her. This… Read More ›

Why I didn’t report my rape #32

When I was a full time student at the University of Durban Westville I had a gap in my time table that allowed me to have a nice long swim once a week. The walk from the swimming pool back to main campus was a lot of uphill so I would often just stay in… Read More ›

Why she didn’t report her rape – “RIP, you crazy Diamond” #31

I met the mother of my son in the early 1980’s during the height of all the apartheid nastiness and bullshit.

I reported our rapes – and no one believed us. I didn’t report the second #29

I am a rape survivor.  I reported it the first time went to court and the accused was released due to a lack of evidence.

Why I didn’t report my attempted rape #28

I have just a small story that could have been rape if someone had not disturbed him.

Why I didn’t report my rape #27

I didn’t report it because I knew what it would mean for me if I didn’t. He was the most popular guy in school.

She tried to report her attempted rape – police told her it’s “not a real crime” #25

I’m a man and this story in response to the call for traumatic experiences related to rape. It’s not my own but rather one on behalf of a relative who nearly even paid for her supposed indiscretion with her life and never reported it.

Why I didn’t report my rape #24

So, if it’s not rape, then what is it? Rape is always depicted as an act of violence….but what if it is not so overt? What if it is “don’t be such a ninny”? And “It will only hurt if you are tense.”

Why I didn’t report my rape #23

I was on a camping trip with friends and sharing a tent with my boyfriend. I said no, he ignored me.

Why I didn’t report my rape #21

When it comes to being a victim, I am a rapist’s delight.

Why I didn’t report my rape #22

Because I don’t believe sending someone to prison is going to help me heal.

Why I didn’t report my rape #20

I didn’t report my rape because I don’t know if it happened.

Why I didn’t report my rape #19

I didn’t and still haven’t reported my rape, and never will.

Why I didn’t report my rape #18

It was my birthday and for the first time in my life I allowed my friends to take me out and we had a great time,I then decided to end the day with my boyfriend at the time.Four drunk and high guys came out of nowhere,next thing I knew my jeans were torn and my… Read More ›

Why I didn’t report my sexual abuse #17

I was 7 years old.