Journalist. Writer. Researcher. Editor.

Television journalism

I started my work as a television journalist in 2008 as a student at Rhodes University’s School of Journalism and Media Studies. I continued with my training in the field in 2009, and learned the various skills needed to create a news insert, 10-minute and 24-minute documentary through from conception up until the final mastering. This included the following:

  • Research;
  • Interviewing;
  • Scripting;
  • Lighting;
  • Camera work;
  • Editing, specialising in Adobe Premiere Pro, but also Final Cut Cut and Avid; and
  • Sound mastering.

The national broadcaster, the SABC, has aired some of my work on Hip To Be Square, a show for a pre-teen audience with a focus on science learning. This was a profile made with a classmate, Leila Dougan, about a science student at Rhodes University.
Additionally, I had the privilege to work with my fourth year classmates, Fathima Simjee and Lubabalo Dada, in a production crew during our final year as TV journalism students. Under the name Under Construction Productions, we pulled together several news stories and two documentaries, namely The Business of uBuntu (10-minuter) and Killed by the Bullet (24-minuter).  The former can be found on Youtube, but unfortunately the latter is too large a format for online viewing.

I am working to save funds for my own professional camera kit, so that I may continue my work in this field.

Please follow the drop down menu above to view my television productions.

A Golden Eagle Attacks a cameraman on the job. Unlucky.

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